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The Act Fast First Aid Challenge is our extremely fun and interactive first aid sessions for schools, colleges and universities teaching children and young people important life-saving skills.

The first aid sessions also incorporate many PSHE curriculum themes including, teamwork, risk assessment, keeping safe, empathy and taking action. The sessions are flexible and can range from a full day, half day or even one-hour sessions depending on your school and student requirements.

All our Act Fast First Aid Challenge sessions cover content from the following:
  • Minimising risk in an emergency situation
  • recognising dangers and keeping self and others safe
  • Calling emergency services, texting 999, unlocking phones and What3Words App
  • Consent and safeguarding
  • Accident procedures and safe airway positions
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and use of a defibrillator
  • Dealing with choking
  • Treatment for bleeding and shock
  • First aid for burns
  • Appropriate first aid kit use
  • First aid for panic attacks and fainting
  • In addition to this, we can also include anaphylaxis awareness, use of adrenaline auto-injector pens and first aid for asthma and diabetes (extra time may be needed for this).

Students receive an Act Fast Challenge certificate of attendance and your school receives the Act Fast Challenge Graphic to display on your social media and website to celebrate you’ve completed the challenge and have a school of lifesavers.

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Putting the FUN back into first aid this challenge has been designed for children in primary schools and is a highly engaging, practical and interactive half or full session teaching vital life-saving skills. There are lots of games and opportunities for students to learn and apply their skills in a range of scenarios throughout the day. Children love our CPR tag game and our bandaging bonanza games to name a few.

The sessions can be delivered per class or for larger year groups and we are highly skilled at delivering sessions with large groups. This is a flexible course and can be adapted to meet the group’s abilities and needs.

Cost Starts at £250 per half day session
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We specialise in working with larger groups of students and are highly skilled at this. Our first aid sessions in secondary schools can be delivered with whole year groups ranging from a full day session to shorter sessions rotated on a carousel; type basis and they can fit in really well with your wider PSHE curriculum super learning days.

The first aid courses can also extend to meet your wider school needs and can be adapted to include casualty management in the context of:

  • Drink spiking
  • Knife crime and more serious bleeds
  • Alcohol and drug poisoning
  • Panic attacks

As part of the challenge, students work through activities taking the roles of rescuers and casualties with lots of repetition and games allowing them to learn and apply a new range of skills.

Costs start at £10 per student Discounts are also applied for larger group bookings.
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Are you ready for Freshers' week? Have you heard of Freshers' Flu?
This 2-hour first aid course is designed to teach college and university students the skills and confidence to deal with an emergency while living away from home. We believe it’s important that students who are moving away from home for the first time have to skills and confidence to look after themselves and each other in an emergency situation and know when to call 999.

Our first aid sessions for college and university students can be delivered with larger groups and cover many themes relevant to students on campus. The first aid sessions focus on staying safe on campus and can be adapted to include the following themes:

  • Different ways to contact emergency services
  • Using What3Words
  • Asking for Angela
  • The Silent Solution when in immediate danger
  • Drink spiking
  • Knife crime and more serious bleeds
  • Alcohol and drug poisoning
  • Panic attacks
Cost Starts at £20 per student and includes our First Aid for University Students Book.
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