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First Aid Games

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‘First Aid Games’ contains over 100 fun and practical first aid scenarios to test your learners skills in a challenging an interactive way.

The games also include a Triage First Aid Game, Group Scenarios and a BONUS QR code to download a 10-page teacher resource with additional games, ideas and extended activities.

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VITAL SIGNS id a brand new First Aid Game designed for first aid instructors and school teachers to test their students first aid skills in a series of fun and interactive games and activities.

With over 100 practical first aid scenarios covering a wide range of medical emergencies and minor injuries, this game is a great way to practise and apply first aid skills in your sessions. The games also include a triage game, group scenarios and a QR code inside to download 10-pages teacher resource of more extended games and activies.

The ‘First Aid Games’ are is suitable for first aid instructors, teachers, Duke of Edinburgh leaders, Scouts, Cadets and Girlguides and the scenarios typically follow the first aid at work syllabus ensuring you are covering a wide range of first aid skills in your sessions.

The cards provide a valuable classroom resource to meet a range of learners needs and learning styles keeping your sessions fun and practical as well as providing opportunities for learners to consolidate their learning throughout your sessions. The
scenario cards are also designed to further develop skills and challenge learners with extended activities on group work with a focus on leadership, team work and communication in a medical emergency.

Each game contains over 100 scenario cards divided into the following categories:

12 x Seizure Scenarios
12 x Minor Injury Scenarios
12 x Airway/Breathing scenarios
12 x Blood Loss Scenarios
12 x Major Illness Scenarios
12 x Burn Scenarios
12 x Serious Injury Scenarios
12 x Poisoning Scenarios

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